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Profil Chocam : Soft-Jasmine


Mon identité

  • Mon âge : 20 ans
  • Mes cheveux : Ch‚tains
  • Mes yeux : Marrons
  • Ma taille : 170 cm
  • Mon poids : 60 kg
  • Mes origines : Germany

Mes infos

  • Mes langues : deen
  • Mon signe astrologique :
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  • Contacts : En zone membre

Mes secrets

I'm sensitive, but equally passionate and strict from the bottom of my heart.
It gives me great happiness and pleasure that we can approach your limits together.

It is very important to me that you can let yourself go completely, so that you always have the feeling of being in caring hands so that you can savor your lust to the last. I am extremely sensitive and careful, especially with beginners.
I'm happy for you!

Whether beginner, where we can start to explore your preferences and guide and guide you, or the experienced SM friend, where it is always a great pleasure for me.
To explore and test your limits anew.


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